Tried to configure boot media mirroring for JovianDSS up.19 in VMWare virtual environment and found it can not be configured.

- The VM configuration has 2 'local' disks to configure: #1 is already bootable and #15 to be added as a mirror. Disk #1 is 16GB, disk #15 tried 16Gb and 18GB sizes.

- The add mirror media dialog displays nothing to add.

- Rescan and reboot do not make effect.
- The configured media reporting single disk with odd size, which is strange.

My questions are:
- Is it mandatory for the mirror media to be listed before media, included in pools?
- Is it possible the issue found is coupled with virtual environment?
- Is it possible the issue found depends of product activation?
- What else might be check before trying to add media to mirror?