after a planned power outage and a restart of a open-E DSS6 cluster (with primary & secondary raid) the primary came up with no problems however the secondary had initially two failed hds and during the resync (at 94% ) a third one died. So the raid6 entered the failed state. The primary is working fine.

The first thing of course is to replace disks then rebuild the raid6 volume set, define a volume group and its logical volume drives just as it was before and then finally define volume replication tasks. All this should not be a problem I guess.

Next I would try to re-activate and re-integrate the "repaired" secondary passive raid just by clicking on "Start" in menu Setup->Failover of the secondary system.

Is this the right way to go and should this work or is it impossible to bring back a failed secondary without restarting failover as a whole on both primary and secondary (causing a loss of all ISCSI connections)?

Anything else to watch out for?

Thanks for any hints