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Thread: Fixed HA Cluster node won't rejoin - (error code #1000).

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    Default Fixed HA Cluster node won't rejoin - (error code #1000).


    due to a SSD Fault on one of my Storage Nodes, I had to shut it down and replace SSD Cache.

    All work done, Node restarted - but it won't come back to the Cluster.

    Ressource pool manager in FOM says:

    It says:

    Internal error occurred (error code #1000).
    Mail Notifications say:

    2017/05/15 11:38:58 System:Failed to join the cluster, some internal error occurred.
    My Node-A Failovermaneger says "stopped", Node-B says "Degraded".

    My Setup: Nasdeluxe Active/Active, Node-A was shutdown and fixed and now won't rejoin the Cluster, Node-B currently holds the resources.

    Any Ideas?

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    Interessting: Volumes are in Synch, but "Persistent reservation Synchronisation" is "inactive".

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    We will need to investigate this.
    Could you raise a support ticket and send us logs from both nodes?

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    I can't open a Ticket - It says my support contract has expired

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    Are you on the latest build? You might want to stop the Replication tasks and try to restart them again.
    If that does not work and if possible stop the failover and stop the replication tasks and re-enter the host binding.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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