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Thread: JovianDSS and Mellanox 10G NIC

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    Default JovianDSS and Mellanox 10G NIC


    while these forums seem pretty dead I thought I'll give this a try after I send a couple unanswered emails in reply to Mr. Bak, for which I don't blame him.
    I have 2 JovianDSS nodes running the trial version with planned Ethernet HA, but both don't recognize my Mellanox 10G NICs. The NICs are Connect X1 models and work fine under Debian and FreeBSD.
    They are also listed under hardware info in JovianDSS but not in the network settings. The NIC seems to be disabled as it also doesn't link up when wired. The onboard 1G NICs work.

    Any advice on how to get it usable? I tried some of the DSS v6 KB posts about disabling VT-d, but that didn't help. I know it's not on the list of supported hardware but that shouldn't mean it's disabled. It works just fine on any Linux and in fact is just an unbranded version of some of the supported HP NICs.
    The systems specs are 8x Samsung SM863 SSDs (240GB), 2x Dell H200 SAS2008 HBA (IT-mode), Mellanox ConnectX1 NIC, single Intel Xeon X5670, 64GB DDR3 ECC RAM, 16GB SATA DOM for JovianDSS - all in a SuperMicro SuperServer 2026T-6RF+ (

    I might add this is for home use in a lab, hence the trial version and rather EOL gear.

    Thanks in advance!

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    We will have to check the logs and see if the driver is included and blocked only or the new driver needs to be prepared.
    I have sent you the private message, so please check it.


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