we would like to make our storage for Xenserver better manageable.

Think we don't need complete automatic/ha failover for Xenserver NFS storage but we would like it to be "maintainable", i.e. we would like to be able to update/maintain the storage without downtime/disruption of the whole Xenserver farm.

Is the following scenario possible with an Open-E product?
If yes, what product/license will we need for that?

- Have a cluster of 2 OpenE Storage Nodes
- Export a NFS Share from node1 to be used as Xenserver Storage-Pool1 . Underlying Volume of that share should be synchrously mirrored to node2 and we would like to be able to _manually_ switch that NFS Share from node1 to node2 without service disruption in Xenserver
- Export another NFS Share from node2. Underlying Volume should be synchronously mirrored to node1 and we would like to be able to _manually_ switch NFS Share from node2 to node1 without service disruption in Xenserver.
- As it's always up to the admin to decide what is primary and what is secondary node, we would probably not risk split-brain secanario with this in any way and we may need no quorum or tie-breaker (which we would need for automatic active-active failover & high-availabilty)

So, basically we just want "bullet-proof and easy maintainable" storage where we can switch NFS Shares between nodes for maintenance, have both nodes used simultaneously and have better availability, i.e. if one node crashes we semply can do restart appropriate VMs of the correspoding storage pool.

is this possible with Open-E?

Thank you!