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Thread: SOHO vs Lite

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    Default SOHO vs Lite

    Just re-installed my Open-E Storage Servers as rebuilding my Lab up.

    Downloaded the current Open-E SOHO download and installed and told me that over storage limit so purchased storage extensions to solve that.

    Nasty shock found that where previously with Open-E DSS v7 Lite you COULD use a Hardware Raid Controller but simply had to create the RAID Volumes via the RAID BIOS whereas now with SOHO informs me that cannot use the Volumes the RAID Card presenting.

    Is there anyway to download the last release of open-e dss v7 lite so that can restore the functionality that had.

    Not looking to manage the raid via the software simply use what had before with the dss v7 lite where could use the RAID Volumes as long as built outside the Software, i.e. entering the RAID Setup at Boot and configuring directly.

    The old dos v7 lite only ever used to state that did software RAID as well so didn't see any reason why wouldn't be the same with the soho version.

    Alternatively ( other then ditching open-e ) what could I look at doing to be able to use the existing drives and controller card

    I see someone with an LSI found the same thing and mentioned simply presenting the drives as JBOD and the using SW Raid however never got answered.



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    OK gets more interesting.

    Changing my Adaptec Mode to be RAID hide RAW and then creating the RAID0 of 2 Disks ( 6 Pairs ) then was unable to use the Volumes directly. However using the Software RAID was perfectly able to use the HW RAID Volumes to create Software RAID volumes using 2 of the HW RAID Volumes.

    As such clearly the new Soho CAN work with the HW Raids but appears to just be being actively blocked now unlike previously with the Lite version.

    Definitely a step backwards compared with Lite.

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    Lite version allowed to use HW RAID, but it was not supported.
    SOHO version additionally is blocking the HW RAID functionality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Ku View Post
    Lite version allowed to use HW RAID, but it was not supported.
    SOHO version additionally is blocking the HW RAID functionality.
    I take it that there is no intention of restoring the previous Lite functionality where could use the RAID but just not manage it within the product, instead creating the RAID Volumes directly on the Card BIOS.

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    Managed to work out what was the last lite update and reinstalled that version.
    Able to use the RAID card as before.

    Was 7.00up54.18255 which is Nov 2015 release if anyone else find themselves in the same situation.

    Had to do offline activation as wouldn't activate online, guessing is because of the age of the software that installed, however just won't update the software and should work fine.

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