i have a strange problem with product activation after deletion of vg0:

- i had to delete / replace vg0 because the disks
were more then 4 years old

- after replacement, open-e dss v7 stated that the "system partition"
is missing. I didn't find any information on "system partition"
in the user manual

- as a consquence of the missing system partition
also the product activation information was gone

- i recreated vg0 with the new disks and the "system partition"
was created automatically, but open-e v7 is not activated
anymore (see picture of error message, text in german)

- i tried to reactivate open-e dss v7, but the activation dialog
states that the product IS ALREADY ACTIVATED (see picture)

Is there any possibility to reactivate the product, without
reinstalling anything from scratch? Any help ist highly

PS: after deleting vg0, also all SMB shares of other volumes
have been deleted, but i was able to recreate them