when update 65 was installed to fix the problem with loosing webadmin access because of a digital cert we had to put back in the credentials fro active directory access, this worked until exactly 60 days (probably an old tombstone setting for when the domain used to be server 2003) were up and now the DSS box will not communicate with the AD Domain

Putting back in the credentials wont work, nor will setting back to local internal LDAP
I noticed that the event log is stuck at 3 days ago too

When AD authentication is used the error is "Database is empty or connection error!", we have checked the credentials and even setup another few unrelated PDC (even one with 2008r2) the connection failed there too. strangely when trying to authenticate the logs on the windows box showed the DSS to be trying to use WORKGROUG as the domain with the administrator username, changing this in the internal LDAP cleared the error but got no further

how can we reset this connection to fix the authentication without clearing the config
will clearing the config erase the existing configured shares (the users and groups are long gone)