Hi all,

I'm currently building up an active-active failover with 2 DSS V7 iSCSI hosts. The first one is already running and works fine so far but I'm a bit struggling with my understanding to create an active-active cluste with a second node.

Short info on my setup:

- Hyper-V Cluster with up to 6 hosts (every Hyper-V host got 2 10gb interfaces).
- iSCSI Storage Open-E DSS V7 hosts(both nodes got 4 10gb interfaces and 1 bonding 10gb interface)

For now I've configured 2 networks for iSCSI traffice (2x /24) and created 2 bond pairs on the Open-E node.

So having a look at the Active-Active manual (https://www.open-e.com/site_media/do...I_Failover.pdf) it looks like I'm supposed to add "additional" IPs on my 2 interfaces on the Hyper-V hosts. Is that true? Is that even allowed?