I'm trying to setup a new DSS install using the latest build of v7 (this is a licensed 16TB copy, but I haven't got to the point of adding the product to my portal yet).

We've set DSS up on plenty of hardware over the years, most of it SuperMicro based. This new system uses a SM X10DRi motherboard, and I'm attempting to install DSS onto a small SSD connected to SATA0. I've tried installing DSS to the SSD from USB and also by extracting the ISO to the SSD and running bootinst.exe. The problem is that upon boot, the system will stop at the 'SYSLINUX 3.82 EBIOS Copyright...' message and get no further. I've tried changing the BIOS setting from UEFI to Legacy and even DUAL, but it doesn't make any difference - it hangs every time. If I launch the system from the USB stick though, rather than running the installer, DSS loads ok, but I need to install and run it from the SSD!

The SATA mode is set to AHCI (not RAID), the the SSD is detected fine. It's first in the boot order (I disabled everything else). I did try another SSD just to be sure though, but that had the same problem. The hardware is brand new, and checks out ok.

Bit of a loss here, and I need to get this system up and running asap.