Hello everyone.

I'm writing because we acquired the solution Open-e DSS V7, and installed in a supermicro server. It has been running very nice, and actually we have few NFS shares.
The problem is the web interface became very very slow, at a point we almost can't access because it takes +- 20 minutes to show the login screen, after you put the password, it takes the same time to show the webinterface inside. But if you go to nfs resources / shares, it says connection lost (retry or reload) so i literally can't access inside.

I checked if there is another host with same IP, but it doesn't. Also i didn't touched anything in the network config. Anyone knows what could be happening?

Thanks in advance, and we are very worried about it, because we need to add new ips to allow certain shares and we can't...

Regards, Alejandro