I have the Open-E DSSV7 7.0up65.9101.26898 64 bit with unlimited storage license

On the intel raid web console 2 i expand a hardware raid (logical drive) from 3,6 TB to 11 TB

After i made this expand i go to the open-e web console and rescan the disk on the:

Configuration -> Volume Manager -> Volume Groups

and the unit S000 appears with 11 TB

Then i entered on VG00 and modify the lv0001 and applied all the free space

the problema is that i didn get any error, the lv00001 stay with 3,6 TB and the free space become 0 TB

I think one possibility i made this last step when the logical drive was still on background inicialization on the intel raid web console

How can i reverse the processo and see the free space again