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Thread: NFS Share, impossible to delete files/directory.

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    Default NFS Share, impossible to delete files/directory.

    I have an NFS share that has a directory that cannot be deleted, for whatever reason.. Ive run file system checks on the open-e server, and everything checks out.
    Its just one directory. Theres no way that I know of to log into open-E dss and locally delete the directory.
    most all linux commands hang when trying to delete anything in the directory. ls, rm, cp, etc all fail and cause the memory usage of the open-e server to increase until its maxed.

    Can I log into the machine and work with the local filesystem to remove it? Theres no way to do it.


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    There is a way that you can do this directly in the GUI of the DSS V7, from the GUI in CONFIGURATION -> NAS resources -> Shares -> Function: Create new share, once there look from the top the function of "Specify path" click on that and then find the directory that you want to remove and then click once then click the "Delete" button.
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    Thanks!! Worked.

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