Hi all,
this morning something terrible and strange happened in a system with a cluster with 2 Hyper-V nodes, attached via 10Gb iSCSI , to a main storage Dss7 (in replica with a secondary storage Dss7).

Dss7 has 2 hardware raid5 set: a SSD and a SATA.

Dss7 esposes via iSCSI 4 logical volumes. 3 belongs to SSD raid set, and 1 belongs to SATA raid set

1 of the 3 SSD logical volumes is 2TB big defined in Dss7. And I see it via iSCSI on a Windows Server 2012 node as a 2TB disk. But when I assign a drive letter, and I go with windows explorer, I see it 512GB big...

and in Windows Explorer I see just a couple of file inside, while other files are 0KB size..... so that I cannot access them anymore!

Another strange thing is that the free space of that partition is about 1,76GB, but the files allocated on that partition count only for about 300GB... so why all this??

Where is the issue: on Dss7? Or on the Windows NTFS volume? ...or both?

Please help!

Federico Masi