We've had a long time intermittent issue with accessing the LSI RAID controller in DSS from MSM on an external PC. Setting the Hardware RAID user credentials in DSS isn't a problem, but when the Open-E server itself has multiple interfaces (say one for management, two for iSCSI), the internal binding seems to pick random interfaces rather than the DSS management interface. In the past, I've had to plug a laptop into the back of the array with an IP on the same subnet as an iSCSI interface, and only then can MSM on the laptop find the controller. Neither auto-discovery or manually specifying the IP in MSM makes any difference.

So, is there a way of controlling which interface the RAID controller listen's on for MSM connectivity, or can it bind to all interfaces rather than picking a random one (not ideal, but better than nothing). It would make complete sense that the RAID controller access should *always* bind to the management interface!