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Thread: Can't access web interface after update

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    Question Can't access web interface after update


    after the update from 2.10 to 2.11 i can't access the web interface from my workstation. I got only the massage, that the page can not displayed.

    But i can access the 3Ware web interface and can ping the open-e...

    From a server i can still access the web-interface.

    I didn't use a proxy. I have no idea why i can't access the web-interface. I also set the administrator settings to default on the console but no change. I have no firewall and disabled the anti-virus program...




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    If you can access the iSCSI-R3 Web GUI from the server but not from your PC then check DNS or use Firefox to see if that works. If not verify that your certificates are updated or remove them and try accessing it again.
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    I deleted the Open-E certificate and after this i can access the website...

    I'm wondering about that.

    Best regards


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