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Thread: No system volume found

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    Default No system volume found

    No system volume found. The System needs one to perform most of its operations. It is likely that you want to create a new Volume Group in this situation. This will create the System volume. The other option is to connect a storage media where a volume group has been already created.

    Hello, I've read some previous posts about how to fix this issue. By inserting empty hard drive and creating a new volume.

    The question is how can I insert a new hard drive when there are no empty slots? The data will most likely get corrupted if I remove a disk from the RAID setup, right?

    - Eemeli

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    This can be the result of the RAID array issues. If you have no available slots for another drive then is there any SATA ports on the Motherboard that you can place a SSD drive with small capacity? If not then we might be able to help over our Remote Support via opening a support ticket.
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