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Thread: An old reported problem without a clear solution (in my case)

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    Default An old reported problem without a clear solution (in my case)

    Hello everyone

    In our department we have a 21 nodes-cluster. All nodes take the "shares" (home, opt, root, ...) from an intel-server (Server board S5000PSL) with a raid controller board (SRCSAS144E) till a total of around 20 TB. The software used (and from which the server boots) is Open-e DSS (version 5.0.DB42000000.3007). I know that this is a really old version but it has been working (almost uninterruptedly) with only a couple of problems during 7 years, right up to now. We are really satisfied with this software

    But last week, some inconsistencies in the data collapsed the server and provoked a restart. After that, problems begun. The symptoms were erratic:
    * Sometimes the "shares" dissapeared and reappeared unexpectedly but unstably.
    * System frozen,...
    And finally after another restart the open-e dss software (booted from a memory stick attached directly in the motherboard) didn't recognize any network card.

    Following some suggestions of (very old) forum's messages, we booted in memory-test mode in order to check RAM. After 3 passes, no problem at all with our 32 GB of RAM. Then we booted again and run (from extended console tools) the "repair LV volume" utility. After some minutes (and some errors) the system rebooted again but the same symptoms (basically no network cards detected)

    In order to focus the problem and discard hardware problems, we downloaded version 6 (60 days trial version) and made a bootable pendrive from it (following the very well explained instructions). After some wiring we were able to connect that pendrive to the 9 pines on-board connector.
    We crossed our fingers and.... here we went!!

    The system booted perfectly with the network cards detected. We configure them (there are 2) with the correct IP adresses) and voila! ... we gain access to the web-gui interface (well, we had a problem with security issues (SL3 - firefox) but it has been resolved).
    We had to define the old "shares" again (tedious but no problem) and the system is working perfectly (al least up to now).

    Everything points to a corrupted software in the original dongle (the memory stick).

    My question is:
    Is there anyplace where I can download my original version (5.0.DB42000000.3007) in order to make a bootable usb pendrive?

    Anyone have a clean copy of the version 5.0.db4 ..... where I can use my license number?

    We bought a license 7 years ago and we did not make a dongle's backup. In fact, until I have read this forum, I did not realize it was possible to do it (Yeah, I know it is my fault).
    Moreover I didnīt know it was, basically, a usb stick (with 9 pines). Now we have left only 55 days to solve the problem

    any help is welcome
    Cheers from Spain

    To buy a new license is far of our possibilities

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    We can provide you with the latest DSS V5 build to be used as a pen drive install.
    However, your current build is so old it doesn't have a product key linked to it.
    Please contact any of our sales people to get a new key issued.
    Keep in mind, this is no longer supported, and it is advised to update the systems.

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    Thanks for the quick answer

    I will contact with your sales people.

    I'm not an expert cluster-admin but an user. There is not support staff in our department and... In the kingdom of blind, the one-eyed man is king.

    Anyway, I'm confused. Probably I don't understand the differences (if any) between "product key" and "serial number".
    You mentioned that "you can provide me the latest dss v5 build". Perfect.
    I guess I can make a bootable USB pendrive (as I have made from trial v6)

    "However, your current build is so old it doesn't have a product key linked to it"
    " get a new key issued",
    here...: does "key" mean the physical device or some alfa numeric code?
    Could I use the same "dongle" that I have and overwrite it with the latest v5 build or it is write-protected?
    My actual serial number does not mean anything? is it linked only to the dongle?

    Thanks again for your patience and advice

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    Back when we shipped dongles in the early versions, the OS was not re-install-able.
    The more recent versions of DSS V5, this was changed.
    If you contact sales they will be able to issue a new install-able key and provide the download of the OS.

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    Thanks again
    I'm going to contact sales department.


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