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Thread: FTP login with user/pass

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    Default FTP login with user/pass


    I bought a backup server containing a NAS 2.0 module to be used as storage for our hosting backups...We use DirectAdmin as control panel on our shared hosting servers...
    Now it seems NAS 2.0 isn't able to do normal ftp logins and DirectAdmin uses ftp to backup client accounts.

    I've been investigating access on ip but that doesn't solve the problem as every reseller can backup it's own users and they all use the same ip to connect to outgoing resources...
    I also looked at sftp, but it doesn't seem to be supported by DirectAdmin.

    Is there any way to do this ?

    If not...are other Open-E products capable of normal ftp logins ?

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    NAS 2.0 and SOHO have been EOL. We have this FTP function for normal ftp logins with DSS and NAS-R3 Enterprise. Download the Demo-CD to test and review. You will see a big change .
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    Todd Maxwell

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    I knew it was EOL, but it could have been that I missed something...

    So I will try the demo and replace this module...

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    Owww, another thing...there's already data from NAS 2.0 on this box, can this be keeped when upgrading to for example DDS ?

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    You mention NAS R3 enterprise, so I guess the NAS R3 SOHO doesn't have this functionality ?

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    We no longer sell the NAS-R3 SOHO or SMB products anymore. Also you will have to back up your data then copy back on the NAS-R3 Enterprise; it will not work because of different volume managers.
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    Todd Maxwell

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    How do you find a FTP user name and password? I downloaded a Word Press plug-in and it is asking for my FTP user name and password. I don't know how to find this. Hope nobody is laughing at me because it seems like something I should know. I know what FTP stands for but I don't understand it and how to get the password. Help Please! I have a Mac Operating System. Air Book.

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    To check the FTP settings, including users names - or anonymous- check CONFIGURATION -> NAS settings -> Function: FTP settings, CONFIGURATION -> NAS resources -> Function: ACL (Access control list), and CONFIGURATION -> NAS resources -> Shares -> [share_name] -> Function: FTP settings.

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