Just thought i would post this to see if anyone else is getting the same issues as me.

Using Qlogic HBA's 2310F's in both open-e dss server and vmware esx server. Decided to go direct attach (p2p).

Created a couple of LUN's on the DSS server, and can see them from the ESX server.

Have created a couple of vm's on them and all was fine.

However shut the VM's down and went to do some other testing, came back to this an hour later and tried to create a new VM...

It got to 50% createing the virtual disk, and then locked up. Numerous errors on both DSS server and ESX server, only way out was to physically power off both boxes. Neither box would respond to shutting down at the console at all.

Is anyone else seeing this sort of issue ??

I have sent across to support the DSS log files and the vmkernel log file showing the errors, maybe we will get this working soon.