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Thread: Additional hardware ? MegaRAID 84016E

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    Default Additional hardware ? MegaRAID 84016E

    Is it possible to test this controller and if passed then add to the certified list?

    LSI LOGIC LSI00137 PCI Express SATA / SAS MegaRAID 84016E 16-Port RAID Adapter

    This controller should be similar to the others from LSI, so I'm hoping its not a big challenge.

    Thank you.

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    The SAS MegaRAID 84016E is supported with iSCSI-R3 2.30 (please read the release notes!!! on this subject). Not sure for the LSI LOGIC LSI00137 PCI Express SATA as we do not carry all controllers for every mfr. In time we will list them on the web.
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