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Thread: Unable to access Share

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    Default Unable to access Share

    Hi to all
    ...and sorry for my English.

    I have a problem with Nas-XSR smb.
    I'm unable to access to share volume.
    I have tried to reset all to factory default, but no success.
    I have deleted the share, but if I try to recreate it, with the same name, it tells me
    that already existing.
    I can browse the file, but the share is not visible.

    Thanks for help

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    Default Unable to access Share

    If the share was previously deleted and you wish to create it again with the same share name go to Resources > Shares then uncheck the Create default path, select browse then you can delete it and add it again by selecting the Add button. Providing the data on this share has no value. When deleting shares appropriately go to the bottom of the GUI page of the share, there you will see the Function > Share Remove bottom.

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