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    Hello Todd,

    I'm trying to configure a High available storage solution.
    For that I would like to have 2 open-e servers running in a fail-over(and better yet, a load balancing) setup with one disk enclosure connected to both open-e servers with a SAS connections. (with SAS dual controllers, SAS expanders)

    As far as I understand from the documentation this is not supported by open-e.

    The questions are:
    I think this should be possible, but I'm not an expert. so first question, is it possible?
    and if so, is this functionality in the roadmap for the ISCSI product?

    I can now use the solution with the Replication option, but I would like to migrate to the solution above. (maybe then still using Replication for off site data backup)

    Kind regards,

    Kind regards,


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    more specific question:
    Can I use the following setup
    2 dell 1950 servers with perc 5/e (external connections)
    1 dell MD3000 SAS enclosure

    connect both dell servers in failover configuration to the MD3000 enclosure

    Is this possible if open-e ISCSI runs on both dell servers?
    Kind regards,


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    From past customers using the Dell PowerEdge 1950ís they informed us that the 1950's did not have any internal USB pins to connect the USB DOM's on the motherboard, they had to use the External USB cables that we supply. Not sure of the Dell MD3000 SAS enclosure as we do not have this to test. Dell is hard to provide us testing equipment to verify support.

    Concerning the Auto failover it is expected later this year.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Default Any success

    Hi there,

    We're about to setup a Dell 2950 with PERc5 or PERC6 controller and would really appreciate it if you could tell us if you had any siccess with your Dell 1950 + PERC 5 configuration?

    We want to setup a RAID10 across 4 x 300GB SAS and RAID0 across 2 x 1TB SATA drives.

    We use an internal SATA-DOM, which gets around the USB port problem just nicely!

    Best regards

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