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Thread: multiple s-ata controllers & later upgrades = 1 logical volume?

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    Default multiple s-ata controllers & later upgrades = 1 logical volume?


    just wondering:

    I plan on installing a huge case with room for 48 disk drives, initially equipped with 24 drives.

    I will have to use two 12 port sata controllers to get 24 disks to run. Is it possible to stripe one volume in iscsi r3 over two controllers?

    when i decide to add another two controllers for additional 24 drives, will i be able to expand my one logical volume for added capacity?

    my customer wants to start out with 12 TB of hi performance storage with 24 drives and in about a year wants to add more capacity if needed.

    I plan on using 3ware 9550SXU-12MI controllers. Does this work?

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    If combining all RAID sets to make one large Logical Volume greater then 16TB no, you can create many 16TB Logical Volumes. iSCSI-R3 does not have the 64bit option only DSS. If using DSS then yes - create each RAID set then add to existing Volume Group "VG00" to expand a particular Logical Volume or create other Logical Volumes within the same Volume Group. Remember you will need to purchase additional Storage Lic. Keys as we offer free the first 16TB. We have available 4,8,16,32 and 64TB keys.
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