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Thread: VSS provider in DSS?

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    For me I'd like it for iSCSI Volume groups. At the moment my Clustered storage has to switch to redirected access for cluster backup. This means bakups take around 6-8hours and Virtual machine performance is very poor during this time.
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    We have a small update for SAMBA Option "access based share enum = yes"
    as the default for it is "= No"

    If needed, you can ask support ( through a ticket ) for this update with the name :

    Alaa Souqi

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    We use Symantec backup exec to backup some files on a Windows server. And the job is configured to use ‘Microsoft software shadow copy provider’ as the VSS provider. While in the Windows server, I found there are two VSS providers – ‘hpEVA VSS hardware provider’ and ‘Microsoft software shadow copy provider’ by running the command ‘vssadmin list providers’.

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