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Thread: Nas Enterprise Update 3Ware Controller Problem

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    Default Nas Enterprise Update 3Ware Controller Problem

    I have recently updated the Open E Nas Enterprise Module to Version 1.89.E000000000.2024. The update went very smoothly however I am now unable to use the 3Ware web interface. You can access the login and are actually able to complete the login process but when you click on any link in the 3Ware menus it comes back with a message saying the following : (0x0C:0x001A): You have been logged out due to inactivity or Cookies are disabled. I have had this problem with the old module once before and Open E Tech support sent me a link to a new download that once applied fixed the problem. I am contacting Open E once again to help me fix this issue, Please let me know what I can do to resolve this.

    This is an email I just sent to OpenE. I just noticed the forums are now available also so I thought I would make a post here also just in case that was the preferred method of offering support.

    Thank you for your help,

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    Your question was answered by support before you entered this in the Forum. But just incase others need to know of this issue we will allow it. The following is the resolution with 3Ware 3DM Utility.

    In order to fix it, please go to GUI and in SETUP / SERVER
    1. set proper time
    2. set proper time zone
    You must do both settings properly. If you skip time zone, so 3DM will NOT
    work and prompt the error about cookies.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    I've been trying to find some information if open-e supports 3ware raid cards. 3ware is not listed on your hardware compatibility list. Is the list out of date and poorly maintained? This thread suggests that 3ware is supported. I see Adaptec 2810SA is supported, but it's not available. The new one is th 2820SA. Is this supported? Is the forum the best place to ask about hardware compatibility issues?

    Thanks! My first post so please dont shoot me if my questions are dumb and annoying

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    Link below shows over 30+ 3Ware controllers listed. ardkind=HDD%20controller<br>%20(hardware%20RAID)

    We support the 2820SA also you can check for compatibility with our
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Oh dear! I see it now. I didn't look on the left side of the page and did not realize that the list I was looking at was the Adaptec list. Ok! I think I understand how to navigate your web pages. Thanks again!

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