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Thread: iSCSI Target creation partition problems

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    Default iSCSI Target creation partition problems

    I've recently upgraded to 1.30. Now when I create iSCSI targets VMWare ESX doesn't recognize the partition.

    The LUN shows up in the list but when I attempt to 'Create Storage' it comes back saying that the partition is invalid and won't create the new data store.

    If I go in to the console for the ESX box and fdisk the newly discovered LUN then I can overwrite the partition with a VMFS 3 volume but not until then.

    I know that we have block I/O now with no initialization but what would cause something like this?

    Anyone else have the same thing?

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    Yes having the same issue with block I/O ISCSI Luns. Have to Fdisk the partition in ESX Console before i can use it. I understand that this may get fixed in a future release. So until then looks like we need to Fdisk it..

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    We know this issue and will correct it before getting the certification process completed for iSCSI with VMware. From other customers they tell me to make sure to set the LUN to 1 or 2... but not "0". Also we will initialize this or have an option to do this within the GUI on next release.
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    I have the same problem with a FC target. How can i initialize the device with fdisk?

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    The problem was that i created the LUN with a blocksize of 4096 bytes. It seems that VMware ESX 3.5 can only handle a LUN with a 512 bytes blocksize...

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