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Thread: DSS Lite Upgrades?

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    Default DSS Lite Upgrades?

    Will the Lite version receive the same patches as the full DSS version? Will there be a paid upgrade license available to turn a Lite into a full?
    Thanks for the great job you're doing with DSS...

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    Future developments for DSS LITE will be decided in the end of January. We will keep DSS LITE users posted.

    In order to turn DSS LITE into a full version you will need to purchase the DSS professional version through our channel from the link below then select your region. This full version comes with a USB DOM (Disk on Module) and you can purchase DSS in the following 4TB, 8TB or 16TB versions.

    Before purchasing any of the 3 DSS full versions, please save your settings within the DSS LITE GUI from MAINTENANCE -> miscellaneous -> Function: Save settings (download to you local hardrive) then restore your settings on your DSS professional version in the same location.
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