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    Default No units shown

    Hi, i'm doing a test with your dss-lite software and the installation on flash-usb-stick works flawless, but i get no 'units' (eg. harddrives) under setup. I've tried it with a standard ide-disk connected directly to the mb and also with a single sata-disk (connected to the first of 4 sata-ports) >> same result.

    hardware as follows:

    - ASUS P5B
    - 4 Gb RAM
    - Quad-Processor
    - Installed Promise TX-4310 (no disks, just there)

    AND: under network-protocols; every protocol is disabled / inactive but maybe this has to do with the missing units (>> no volume >> no protocol) ?

    The installation is activated, i've even tried a fresh install on the usb-stick >> same result.

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    Check in the Console that the system is seeing the drives first by entering CTRL + ALT + H you should see your IDE drive or SATA. If not go into your BIOS and try to select SATA mode to Enhanced and then enabled AHCI mode.
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