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Thread: Activation, Evaluation Time Frame, FREE

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    Default Activation, Evaluation Time Frame, FREE

    I've been a long tome customer of OPEN-E. These threads regarding complaining about multiple activation and cost and expiration of evaluation time are getting pretty redundant, annoying and wasting valuable support time. READ the moderator's responses in the response threads...! So here'e the scoop users.....

    FREE Download, what do you think that means? Every software that is an EVALUATION time frame that I have EVER downloaded expires at some point or prompts you to PURCHASE. So if you want to test it on multiple machines, buy hardware to support it (such as another drive (they are cheap)) because this one time evaluation is a sample test for FREE until Jan 31. OPEN-E's solutions are designed for a certain market segment and are more than fairly priced for the segment it is targeted for. If you want expensive enterprise performing applications and hardware...go buy them for $30K+. Have a good day and happy testing.


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    Default That would put a "best of class" storage provider as "worst of class" advertiser

    Just because lots of individuals and companies abuse "free" and "open", doesn't mean it's morally ok.

    It doesn't say "FREE DOWNLOAD", it says "open-e DSS-lite 2TB FREE" and "offer expires" not "gift not usable after" January 31st.

    There has always been a DEMO version and that didn't cost money either.

    Open-E may not have been perfectly advised when they put this up on their web site. The "unexpected volume of interest" shows, they misjudged what would happen. If this FREE offer turns into DEMO only, the PR backlash may be bigger than expected again.

    Open-E is in the crosshairs for not reading the GPL careful enough, they don't need to enlarge their target size.

    Just my humble opinion...

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    My point exactly.

    I got the impression (and was told in this forum in thread 'Change Hardware/USB Stick' that an activated stick will continue to work on different HW).

    I invested a fair amount of money and time to test/depoly the solution, because I can live with the limitations.

    But (potentially) being left alone with a non working setup somewhere in the future is simply a no-go.

    I might consider buying the full product, but i really did not like the way the offer turned from something full (with a size limit) into a limited evaluation thing...

    I would never demand that open-e has to offer a perpetual free version, but they made the impression they have exactly such a solution. Not the best PR idea.

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    Default Thank you all for your opinions

    I'm responding to a few comments made in the forum about free apps (and support) and multiregistrations. I believe that if you have a "test" environment you invest in the test environment and not bring demo apps into production without testing with all the perks of production. All these comments are wasting again valuable support time from forum moderators. I'm sure in the future that Open-E will not release any demo applications or "FREE" goods due to the support costs. I have not had any issues when following instructions. BTW...I believe Open-E is one of the few "FREE" support companies left. Usually free means they get back to you in 3-5 days. Open-E does not support like that. Give 'em a break. I'm sure they will be restructuring support if this kind of badgering keeps up. Again...enterprise applications are pretty darn expensive considering what Open-E offers. If no one knows this...go shopping and compare! I like the lite and easy.

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    Default This is for all the complainers!

    This really gets me and I am totally baffled how Pommes and abufrejoval complain so much.

    I am software developer and if we released something like dss lite all the time trying to satisfy a bunch of complainers that do not contribute (money mostly!) anything to the
    community, other than tell everyone how something should be free in their terms!! I would be looking for work!

    You see if our small graphic company did this all the time I would be out of a job and most software engineers work very hard to give you the best experience possible.

    But seeing all these issues over the registration is all about you just getting extra equipment - this is a no brainer!!

    You know if the electric company gave you free power, I wonder if you would complain that they did not provide you with a UPS, if the power was to be down for a day What has this world come to.. just Unbelievable!!!

    And shame on Open-E for not charging for DSS lite!!!!!

    I would be glad to pay $100.00 to have mine registered and to squelch the leachers that do not respect the work that goes into any development. I know they lack the knowledge and do not understand the complexity of what it takes, but my god why not charge to pay for the servers that run the forum, engineers, advertising, documentation, updates…...

    These are the things that make a software guy go ballistic.


    This is for all the complainers!

    When you make things free to “humans” they become domesticated like animals on a farm and never do much to earn it themselves and soon draw on your efforts. Take it all away and they will hate you for it for many generations to come.

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    Strong but True...

    I agree

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    Default You will be able to reactivate DSS LITE

    To All,

    Anyone who has activated DSS LITE before January 31st will be able to reactivate it until end of life.

    I hope that we can all move forward and trust that DSS LITE will continue to function for you and your needs for a very long time.

    Thank you for your honest opinions as they truly help.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by pakman
    You know if the electric company gave you free power, I wonder if you would complain that they did not provide you with a UPS, if the power was to be down for a day What has this world come to.. just Unbelievable!!!

    And shame on Open-E for not charging for DSS lite!!!!!
    I planned on not commenting any further on the (already solved) activation issue.

    But you comparison is just not right..

    It is more like:
    The electric company offers everyone to give them free power (the offer) for one light bulb (the limitation) if they register and tell them about their electric appliances (the 'cost' for the customer) by some date (the deadline).
    But actually turn the power off if you ever change the bulb.

    Do you see the slight but important difference?

    To make this clear: DSS Lite is a brilliant product, it is just that the first PR-hype promised too much. I am in no position to demand free software (neither do i), but it was not my idea to make the offer.

    If open-e cancels the DSS-Lite offer i am sure some of my customers would buy the product - though definitely not all.

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    I will ask you one more time to cease with the claims of PR or Trap comments. This is a misjudgment on your end and does nothing to contribute to the Forum and is unproductive to others that need help.

    If possible I would like to move forward and end this discussion.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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