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Thread: USB boot ISO

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    Default DL380 G3 boot from usb


    I got the HP DL380 G3 working with the CD ISO and an external DVDROM Drive, but not with the original Open-E USB Flash Drive. Also see
    Is there a way to boot from a selfmade USB Flash Drive (can be another Drive) using the existing License Key of our bought USB Drive?

    Thanks for Help.

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    Yes, you can download the zip files on any USB stick. Or with V6, you can create a partition and install it there... It worked for me!!

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    It looks like @borstl20 need some manual how to do it
    I can prepare such doc. but "this action" require some time (Unfortunately I have several more important tasks ;/ ).
    But I will really appreciate if You describe how You do it
    Open-E - Knowledgebase
    Best Regards Richard
    Open-E Technical Support Engineer

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    I Also want to use a HP DL360 G3. but iam not able to get it installed on te raid container.
    Could someone also send me some information on where i can download the Boot iso. To use DSS lite.

    Thnx !!!

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    Sent to your forum email inbox.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    Could u check your pm..The remote path doesn't seems to be right.


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    Sorry about that - check now.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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    I know there ain't any support for the USB boot iso. But could someone point me in the right direction to get it to work? I boot with the boot iso true iLO. I got a USB stick plugged into the DL360 with Dss Lite on it. Still i get the error "NO USB Flash device found"

    Thnx !

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    Hi Br-R,

    do you have an existing Quick-Manual for me to Install DSS in a Partition on the local Diskarray using CD-ROM as Installationsource and the License Key from the Open-E USB Drive Key?
    I think thats the best way for me.


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    Default same problem proliant dl380 g3

    I have the same problem: I got a proliant DL380 g3 and need to install a new op system that is in dvd format.

    Can you please provide the files?



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