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Thread: Installation on CF / IDE

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    Default Installation on CF / IDE

    we are evaluating DSS (Lite). I downloaded DSS_Lite and installed it on a Compact Flash Disk, connected via an CF / IDE interface to a AMD Desktop System. The Files were extracted and the MBR written sucessfully to the medium. I was also able to boot on this System also.
    Then, I switch the CF Drive to an Intel System. The bootscreen shows no graphical startup screen, only the repeating message: "Operating System not found".

    My question:

    Is the kernel installed dependent on the CPU Architekture? (Intel / Athlon conflict)
    Is the Installation dependent on the boot device (Primary / Secondary Master / Slave?)

    Is there another reason why this messages should appears?

    Greedings from Hannover, Germany

    Boris Erdmann-Jesnitzer

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    as far as I know kernal doesnot depend on CPU Arch... I personally tested on AMD and Intel and both works....

    maybe it is your hardware req.?

    if its not hardware.. reformat ur flash drive and test it with the intel one more time

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    It seems like its a Problem with the FSC Server... anyhow its a Testsystem it worked on a other system....
    Boris Erdmann-Jesnitzer

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