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Thread: Web interface & NFS issues

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    Default Web interface & NFS issues


    We're using a Open-E NAS ENTERPRISE system (version 1.89.E000000000.2024) on a SuperMicro box with a 3ware RAID Controller.

    We have 2 issues which are probably linked :

    - the "Status" tab on the web interface doesn't work. When clicking on the Status button, the web page stay blank and nothing appear (the browser is trying to connect on the NAS but nothing append).

    - there is an error when I try to mount the NAS through a NFS share on another box (Xserve with Mac OS X Server) :
    mount_nfs: bad MNT RPC: RPC: Timed out

    I use the following command to mount the NAS :

    # mount_nfs -i -P NAS-IP:/share/SHARE-NAME /MOUNT/PATH/ON/THE/SERVER

    There is also an error when trying to mount the NAS through an AFP share.
    We disabled the bonding on the ethernet interfaces and rebooted the box but nothing change...

    We have already installed a lot of Open-e NAS systems with success, and we haven't seen this kind of troubles before.

    Anyone have an idea about this issue ?

    I suspect the Open-e system to be broken, but is it possible to reinstall it without deleting the datas on the NAS ?


    Anthony / O2i-Paris

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    Hey.. yes these things happenedto me earlier.. I believed I had a load and my GUI stop responding...

    A flush solved my problem.. So do an update.. but here is the catch.. save your resources before doing that.. it will be in maint. then misc.

    And for this update go to the main page then to support, after that to software update and install the image and burn the image into a CD. Make sure its an iso imgae, then boot from the CD..

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