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Thread: iscsi snapshot inaccessible

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    Default iscsi snapshot inaccessible

    Hi again!
    I am using the Version 5.0.DB42000000.3007 of DSS.
    I have an ISCSI volume, made a snapshot and everything is fine when I connect through the MS ISCSI Initiator to the snapshot - if the target is using the snapshot as read-write. If I try to use the snapshot as RO (ReadOnly) I cant connect to it. In Windows I get the message "dmio: Harddisk4 Writerror at block 20969474: status 0xc00000a2" in my eventlist and cant connect to the snapshot. What am I doing wrong?


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    I am having a similar issue. I am running version 5.0.DB39000000.2956.

    When I create an iscsi target out of a snapshot but the snapshot is a snapshot of the "destination Lun", it is not seen by the host(s) whether it is read-only or read-write.

    The little info item on the iscsi target page says this is okay to do but it does not work.

    Any ideas?


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    When I've tried to mount a snapshot of a drive while the drive is still mounted (this is in windows), I've gotten a hard lock-up of windows, every time. It's not a problem for us, since we don't use the MS initiator except for testing, but it is still a problem. (BTW, this is under Windows XP Pro.)

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    Problem here is Windows - it does not support ReadOnly devices - you need to export RW snapshot LUN for Windows systems. Otherway Linux and Unix - it handles well with RO devices.

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    Yep, windows for the win. I think/hope there are other ways that open-e is investigating resharing snapshot luns. For example, you could have a snap shot be mounted by the OS read only and then shared via some NAS protocol.

    Another very dirty method would be to have another linux host with NTFS support and iscsi initiator and mount snapshots locally then export the mountpoints with some NAS protocol or have a veritas agent installed on it.

    hint hint

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