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    Default update to

    Hi all,

    Model: iSCSI-R3
    Version: 5.0.IE42000000.3009
    Release date: 2008-02-06

    I updated to the new 5.0 version, but having some problems in the menu.

    shows in the picture

    it stated in the release notes the webinterface was improved

    2th thing, problem i allready had in the release 2.3, in the connections tab
    this picture shows, all connections seem to be okay, except one:

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    i am verry glad, someone from open-e responded to this threat...


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    It might help if you can send the logs to support to review the logs. Not sure about your threat comment as this is a forum. Support will need to review the logs to see why the IP and CID is not showing the status from the initiator unless there is an issue of 2 initiators connecting to the same LUN (TID3). Again send logs to support.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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