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Thread: Dss Snmp Mib?

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    Default Dss Snmp Mib?


    I did a snmpwalk on one of our DSS devices (with snmp v2) and I see data from the following standard SNMP MIBs:


    Is there not a custom Open-E DSS MIB available to show additional info besides the standard SNMP stuff?

    We are interested in monitoring additional items with SNMP such as disk I/O stats, S.M.A.R.T. status / disk and RAID health, iSCSI info, etc.


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    Currently we do not but will develop this at a later date (possibly end of Q3).
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    I have 3ware 9650 and DSS 5.0DB42000000.b3007. With snmpwalk I also get info about RAID. I suspect that Open-E has implemented MIB library for 3ware controllers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bartender
    I have 3ware 9650 and DSS 5.0DB42000000.b3007. With snmpwalk I also get info about RAID. I suspect that Open-E has implemented MIB library for 3ware controllers.
    Interesting, I'm running 5.0.DB42000000.3007 with a 3ware card (not sure of the exact version but its only a 2 port card in a test machine). Is your version a beta or something? What OIDs show you the RAID info?

    The webpage for the product also says "The DSS uses SNMP for monitoring data throughput, Central Processing Unit (CPU) and Random Access Memory (RAM) usage to name a few."

    I'm seeing CPU stats for specific processes but not the overall CPU usage or Load, and I also see the max memory size but not the actual amount of used memory. Nothing about data throughput that I can find. Any specific OIDs for these items would be greatly appreciated too.

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    if we had that someone could develop templates for cacti!

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    Any News about a custom Open-E DSS MIB?

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    We are using DSS v6.
    Are there any news on SNMP?
    Did anyone accaomplish to monitor a 3ware Raid Controller via SNMP?
    I want to monitor my DSS with SNMP and an
    "snmpwalk -v 3 -u "statistics" -a MD5 -A "password" -x DES -X "password" -l authNoPriv "IPofHost""
    gave quite some details but I am missing the following values:
    I ain`t got no information about our Raid (3ware 9650se) and there is no tree. Furthermore I could not find anything about the total use of RAM (while there are entrys about the total memory and the swap and the amount of RAM a single Process uses), I/O of harddisks and networkcontroller.
    We came to Open-E after being disappointed with the performance of OpenFiler and it is really nice work but not being able to monitor it in another way than by looking in the WUI is kind of crappy . We use Nagios for monitoring our ESXi Servers and it would be very nice if we could integrate the monitoring of the Open-E DSS by checking the snmp values, so am I stupid or do these values not exist?

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    5 Months later and no answer about the SNMP mib files for DSS6.

    Any chance there will be one within this century?
    The Enterprise Part would realy be nice to have

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    i am a newbie to the snmp mib.could u please tel me some points regarding mib.why do we need mib?
    whether snmp uses mib for network monitoring application,if so, what are the aplications of mib?

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    some basics....

    other modules are in the works.... i just need more time......

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