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Thread: Partition aligning

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    I meant to add that looking at the notes I'm assuming that the answer is no.

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    Not yet as we are still on, new kernel had some issues with a couple of features and we are still working to resolve them and we dont want to release it until all of it is working properly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hblandford
    I was just wondering whether Open-E DSS V6 update ver. 6.00 up80 build 5605 had this new kernel in it?



    Release Notes (Up80. build 5605)

    - Tips on GUI which works as guide (optional)
    - I/O errors cause failover action
    - Support for booting system via QLOGIC FC HBA H/W initiator

    - Updated lm-sensors to version 3.3.0
    - Improved XFS performance and stability also as memory consumption for filesystem consistency check and repair
    - Improved performance for volume replication over 10Gb/s Ethernet (updated DRBD to version 8.3.10)
    - Updated drivers for Intel's Ethernet cards 10Gb/s (ixgbe - v3.3.9-NAPI)
    - Updated drivers for Intel's Ethernet cards 1Gb/s (e1000e - v1.3.10a-NAPI, e1000 - v8.0.30-NAPI)
    - Updated driver for LSI RAID controllers (megaraid_sas - v5.30)
    - Updated driver for Broadcom NetXtreme Ethernet cards (bnx2 -v2.0.23b, bnx2x - v1.62.1)

    - Fixed problems with timeouts for Volume Manager and Snapshots Assignments functions on GUI for 20 snapshots

    Alaa Souqi

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