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Thread: PSOD with new 3.5 version

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    Default PSOD with new 3.5 version


    we have 2 open-e san's running.
    1 in production 1 in test.

    alle esx nodes run 3.5 latest patches.

    the production open-e DSS is a
    supermicro, areca controller 4X 500Gb raid 10 4GB mem running BLOCKIO version 1.37

    the testing is the same hw with 2 gb mem running version 3.5
    tested with blockio and fileio

    i can connect the iscsi lun correctly in both servers.
    but on our testing san, if we connect the volumes it works fine until i access anything on the volume it PSOD.
    doing a dir, a remove of the filesystem, creation... what ever.
    it always complains opbout scsi locking.
    with version 1.37 no prob....

    running 3 nodes with about 20VM in BLOCKIO on it...
    any idea

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    I don't know what the problem is, but with VMWare virtual maschines Open-E highly recommends to use FileIO and not BlockIO. Somewhere in this forum is a thread explaining about File and Block IO with VMWare, the Open-E support told me that same.


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    mmm.. DOnt know exactly whats going on... But I am running VMW on file IO and its working fine..........

    Tested one more tile with File IO and make sure all LUNs are activated...

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    Hi Piwi

    Just for info.. I'm experiencing exactly the same problem. I tested using the DSS trial and DSS Lite, ISCSI and Fibre two different USB keys (for the Lite ver.) on two completely different machines but still the results where the same.

    Did you say that version 1.37 works?
    Full DSS or Lite?


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    Hi again guy’s

    I thought i should let you know. I never did get either ISCSI or FC Target to work properly on the DSS-Lite when using VMware.
    I ended up going with openfiler in which i now have a full dual port 1TB 2Gbps Fibre Channel target with 3 LUN’s running.

    I did have to get help for the configuration (No GUI ) but it runs ESX perfectly and i'm even booting off the thing


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    Gday All,
    SAP, sorry to hear you didn't get it to work, but we have had the opposite experience.
    Running both DSS Lite and DSS Full (from demo CD), we get zero problems with PSOD's related to DSS. (Different story with Adaptec 3805 cards )

    However, it looks like you are also booting the ESX from iSCSI?
    If so, even the smallest network error will bring you unstuck....

    Piwi, did you switch to FileIO? Did that help?
    What was the full PSOD error?

    Rgds Ben.

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    G'day All,
    FWIW, Adaptec now admit the driver in ESX is causing our PSOD's.

    See here

    Cheers Ben

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