We serve media files to our web site over samba with our Open-E NAS-XSR ENTERPRISE version 3.08.XE00000000.2125. The problem is after approx. 65,335 total connections to the samba server, samba becomes unresponsive. To restore samba, we have to go in to Setup -> network and uncheck "smb" from NIC assignments, submit the page and wait about 5 minutes, then check "smb" and resubmit the page. This will successfully restart just smb (I imagine it's updating the samba config and doing a -HUP on it) and will allow another 65,000 some connections before the problem repeats.

Is there any way to remove or work around this total connection limit? It stinks having downtime from this problem and having to restart samba every couple days or so.

Thanks in advance!