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Thread: Access FTP (From the WAN)

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    Arrow Access FTP (From the WAN)


    Which port is necessary it to open to have access to the ftp ? (From the WAN)

    Locally that functions very well

    Report of my client ftp (FileZilla)

    Etat : Connecté
    Etat : Récupération de la liste de répertoires...
    Commande : PWD
    Réponse : 550 SSL/TLS required on the control channel
    Erreur : N'a pas pu récupérer la liste du répertoire
    by advance thank you



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    Port 21 is a well known FTP port standard. If you are able to connect locally then please check your Firewall. If your Firewall is using NAT (Network Address Translation) then you will have to forward all packets identified for FTP port 21 TCP (inbound) to the specified NAT address which would be the NAS Enterprise address. This is the responsibility of the Firewall.
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