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Thread: Open-e Nas ent/Areca 1160/Raid expantion...

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    Exclamation Open-e Nas ent/Areca 1160/Raid expantion...


    I have a big problem this is the deal :

    Recently i have added 8 new disk to the old raid therefore we have used the online raid expansion from the areca 1160 but when it was finished the open-e doesn’t recognizes the volume so basically my logical volume is disappeared...

    We have tried :
    Restore LV + rescan units,… but nothing helped and there is no resize option available…

    Is there a way to get the volume back online

    this is the nas version :
    Model: Open-E NAS ENTERPRISE
    Version: 1.89.E000000000.2024

    kind regards,


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    You have to divide your unit on two 2TB units, then add the new units to the volume group.
    NAS Enterprise does not have PV Resize function like the XSR or R-3 family.
    All the best,

    Todd Maxwell

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