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Thread: Local Backup on Dynamic Units

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    Default Local Backup on Dynamic Units

    In the Features of Iscsi-R3 you can read:

    "Through the DDS, a local HDD or a USB drive can be defined as a Dynamic Unit and acts like a normal tape drive which can backup the NAS server and be removed without shutting down the server."

    Can you describe this function a little bit more, because i cannot find in the manual.


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    It means, if you run out of space and you need to back up. You can add additional (internal/external) drive to do your back up. ANd this procedure will keep your system in production if you want to delete it...

    Hope its more clear now!!

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    Yes, thank you.

    Best Regards

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    Default Usb Hdd


    I have attached an USB Harddisk. After rescan, i can see the Harddisk, but the status is not supported and so i'm not able to create a VG.

    Do you know why ?


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