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Thread: Logical volumes gone

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    Question Logical volumes gone

    After a network wide power surge our Open-E Server went down and the logical volumes were not available.
    The server recovered only with one volume temporally available, which failed some weeks later.
    It was possible to recover LV00 and reconstruct the file-systems and shares.
    However, LV01 and LV02 could not be recovered and the entries are showing reserved space, but no data. Recovery of the LV with the existing entries from the console failed and hence no files could be accessed. All entries and logs are still accessible from lv00, though.
    A colleague tried to redefine LV10, which now shows no usage (100% empty) while LV20 is still fully used.

    Is there a way to recover the two volumes and how shall we proceed?
    Are there any tools or experts that can investigate this issue?
    Best regards!

    --- Server specs:
    Model: Open-E NAS ENTERPRISE
    Version: 1.89.E000000000.2024
    Release date: 2006-07-05
    S/N: 0215875113
    --- 3ware drive reports:
    Unit 0 (Controller ID 0)
    Status OK
    Serial # Y10566390D99B8005197
    Capacity 4.00 TB
    Type RAID 5
    Stripe 64kB
    Volumes 3
    Subunits 12

    Unit 0 (Controller ID 1)
    Status OK
    Serial # 3QD0X6ZKEE39EF00693E
    Capacity 2.05 TB
    Type RAID 5
    Stripe 64kB
    Volumes 1
    Subunits 4

    ---Unit manager report
    Unit Size (GB) Status
    Unit S0 2048.00 in use, vg0
    Unit S1 2048.00 in use, vg1
    Unit S2 1.70 NOT SUPPORTED
    Unit S3 2040.00 in use, vg2

    --- Logical volumes
    Usage: 92 % 1804.80 / 1950.84 GB (Free: 146.04 GB)

    Total snapshots: 0. In use: 0.

    Usage: 0 % 0.01 / 2043.81 GB (Free: 2043.80 GB)

    Total snapshots: 0. In use: 0.

    Usage: % 0.00 / 0.00 GB (Free: 0.00 GB)

    Total snapshots: 0. In use: 0.

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    Lightbulb vgscan to find Volume Groups?

    The logs on the server indicate that the tool vgscan should be used to search for volume groups. However I cannot see any way to use a full blown console on these systems or how to reach this function differently.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!

    --- man entry for vgscan
    vgscan - scan all disks for volume groups and build /etc/lvmtab and /etc/lvmtab.d/* which are the database for all other lvm commands.
    vgscan [-d|--debug] [-f|--forcenumbers] [-h|--help] [-r|--remove_snapshots [VolumeGroupName]] [-v|--verbose]
    vgscan scans all SCSI, (E)IDE disks, multiple devices and a bunch of other disk devives in the system for volume groups defined.

    -d, --debug
    Enables additional debugging output (if compiled with DEBUG).
    -f, --forcenumbers
    If used volume group and/or logical volume minor numbers are found during scan, replace them. This will potentially cause problems for NFS exported filesystems on logical volumes with changed numbers.
    -h, --help
    Print a usage message on standard output and exit successfully.
    -r, --remove_snapshots [VolumeGroupName]
    Remove all snapshot logical volumes from all or just the named volume group.
    -v, --verbose
    Display verbose information of vgscan's activities.

    Put vgscan in one of your system startup scripts. This gives you an actual logical volume manager database before activating all volume groups by doing a "vgchange -ay".

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