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Thread: File Copy Process?

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    Default File Copy Process?

    I ran out of space on my NAS volume. I'm unable to expand it because it was originally set to do volume replication.

    I created a new larger NAS volume and would like to copy the data from the old to the new.

    Is there a way to do this on the DSS box instead of making it cross the wire to a machine and then back?

    Normally I'd do a simple rsync from directory to directory, is something similar possible on the DSS?

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    You can set a replication task to the same DSS box. Create a new volume, then create replication task between the 2 volumes, and use loop back IP.

    Or you can do a replication between 2 servers. Back it up to server 2, delete the small NAS volume on server 1, then restore it to the new bigger volume on server 1

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    Default Only with a snapshot?

    I found what you're talking about but it looks like you can only do it from a snapshot, is that the case or is there another place to do the replication?

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