I'm using
Version: 3.11.XE00000000.2522
Release date: 2007-01-17

with a Areca Raid controller model ARC-1170.

In open-e, I can access the hardware raid configuration, which runs at port 6666 of the server.
However, there is an additional item called "Mail alert configuration" which tries to open a connection to port 6667; this however fails.

Using the interface on port 6666 I have the option to configure mail alerts, however this is not working.

(For security reasons I do not want to use the hardware ethernet interface on the raid controller itself)

Do you have any insight on how to get this working?
Do I need to change the ethernet config of the raid controller?
Do you now whot firmware version of Areca is required to get this working?

Kind Regards,
Manuel Koch