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Thread: 2x 1Tb drives!

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    Question 2x 1Tb drives!

    OK, had wonderful idea of using 2x1Tb sata hard drives mirroring them using the software raid option within open-e. To find that I can't becuase it exceeds the 1tb limit .Works fine with one hdd but doesnt really give you much in the way of failover!

    Does anyone have a solution out there to get me out of this issue.

    Seperate raid card isnt option as im using 2x itx mbd in a 1U case.Itx cuase of very low power consumption and 2 in 1case for rack space.

    The onboard raid being software based is useless.

    Any ideas or work arounds please.

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    It seems u r looking to have 2 copies of ur data... Then, the only solution I can think about is replication...

    Set replication between 2 volumes in ur same server. You can do this if you are using HW RAID, if not then u need to use 2x500G drives....

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    What ITX MB are you using? does it not have Raid1?
    If so it should work as you expected...

    Cheers Ben.

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    i should have explained it a bit better.Ok one case that takes two mbds(1.5ghz with 2gb ram)each has sooftware raid so pretty useless.To each mbd there are 2x 1Tb sata hdds.
    The issue being it can see more than 1Tb raw before its configured as a mirror.So this means that if you wish to use open-e software to mirror you'll never be able to have more than 500Gb,shame as the limit is 1Tb.I could get some hardware raid cards but this just adds to the costs.The mbd is VIA iDOT PC3500G PC-1 Mainboard - 1.5Ghz C7-D
    , seem to run ok a bit slow on GUI interface but otherwise fine.
    The reason for the low power itx kit is this will be going into a data centre and power is becoming more of an issue and pretty expensive

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