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Thread: Raid build keeps failing

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    *** Please ignore me I just reread the post and noticed you already have the AN05 firmware ***

    We have just started getting an error that I wonder if it is related.
    The scenario is a we have a single Adaptec 5405 card in a Intel SSR212MC2, which has the onboard controller disabled, and 12x Seagate ES.2 1TB drives installed.
    This is a bad issue, basically its the HDD's, you need a special firmware called AN05. Seagate have handled this very badly in my opinion I have spoken to thier support on live chat several times and they flat out denied an AN05 firmware existed. I manged to get SN05 out of them (my drives wree on SN04) but after pressing I managed to get AN05, you can get the download links from adatec now here Apparently the ES.2s don't like the Intel IOP used on alot of SAS raid cards, (this includes other makes as well if you check thier drive THOL lists you will see they are listing AN05 firmware as a requirement). Also there is a 4 page thread over on the Seagate forums regarding this issues which is how I found out about it. Alos btw the ES.2 drives aren't on Intel's THOL for the SSR212MC2 so don't ask them for any help as they will just tell you to foxtrot oscar!

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    G'day Nightmare,
    Not at all, thanks for the input.
    I did know that there were issues with the some SAS/SATA Raid controllers with the ES.2 (didn't know it was specifically the intel IOP though), that's why we went with the Adaptec 5405 which did support the Seagates....
    It's amazing, if you read the post it specifies the 2xxx and 5xxx cards need AN05 and the others 3xxx etc need SN05.
    Makes a mockery of "Unified" controllers, since the main reason we have stuck with the Adaptecs was because we could then easily shift Arrays from one server to another.

    The symptoms are so similar, I wonder if it is possible to have the drives report the AN05 firmware but not actually have it installed.
    ie we did the updates, but I wonder if something was screwy with the process.
    Nah what are the chances that they don't do a CRC? :-)

    Cheers Ben.

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    Do you have a different raid card you can try beng? or I would be interested to know if they work ok using the onboard SAS controller and open-e soft raid. If it doesnt work with the onboard your issue maybe the enclosure.

    @Barrday what hard drives are you using?

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    Yep, that is our next plan, but also have problems with the GBE Nics on this machines as well (1% sustained throughput....) yet the hdparm output is 350MB/s, plus it is also "sort of in use.. by the client" so they don't want us to touch it unless we are sure of a fix.
    I'd rather not use the onboard, as one of the reasons for this config was to include the separate cards for DRP, ie technically we could switch the card/drives to another box and bring the array back up.....

    Rgds Ben

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