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Thread: Use Open-e NAS-R3 as rsync Backup-server

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    Question Use Open-e NAS-R3 as rsync Backup-server

    Hello together,
    iam a student assistant administrator of an institute of our university and i am just searching for a solution for backup.
    I have a big Open-e NAS-R3 server that should be used for it, unfortunately i have no idea how to use it.

    The first problem is, i cant connect to open-e with rsync. Thats the error:
    # rsync -raRx --acls --whole-file --delete --force "./" "backup@nas-backupserver::testshare"
    rsync: failed to connect to xxx.yyy.zzz.www: Connection refused (111)
    rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(98)
    The second problem is, open-e does only accept connections from local intranet. The open-e server is working in our internal network, but i want to backup my webserver which is working inside a DMZ subnet, too. How do i solve that?

    At the Moment i use rsync with a cron-script to make a snapshot of every server every night. The current backupserver moves that snapshots to get daily backups for one week, weekly backups for one month and monthly backups for 3 month. Can i get that with open-e, too?

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    As far as I know.. open-e uses sync for their data replication (NAS) not rsync. As they are not using compression...

    But replication and back up is pretty simple using their software... Look at the manual and for the back up and replication procedures this forum has many good information.

    For the snapshots... you can take weekly snapshots and mount them as shares to your back up server.

    Lets us know how it goes..

    if everybody inform us with their solution our lifes would be easier...

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    Default Use Open-e NAS-R3 as rsync Backup-server

    LukasW -

    You have to use firewall port 873 in order to make synchronization via the internet.


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    What is "sync"?? My man-page says "sync (1) - flush file system buffers"

    The old backup-server is offline since yesterday after another disk died. It was old enough, the new one (the one with open-e) has to do it now.
    Open-E sounded good for me because i do not have a whole system to look after with updates, but i see its not what i am able to use.

    The main Problem is, that i am a "remote admin" and open-e does only accept connections from local intranet. And iam not part of the lokal intranet, as my webserver is not, too. So i cant connect to anything but the remote-console which is not useful at all. The nice (and terribly slow) web interface is only accessible for me with some dirty hacks (proxy-scripts on my webserver with NAT to internal network for example). Lynx does not support javascript

    @asaph07: Thats is exactly the problem i have: my firewall is configured right (i had only to change IP adress from the old backup server to the new one), but the open-e does not accept any connections from other subnets (and the DMZ is another subnet, of course ).
    But the connection from local intranet doesnt work with rsync, too.

    My solution for now is quiet simple: my Application-Server has to do the work of the old backup-server (rsync-server, incremental-snapshot-rotation), the open-e system just serves a big NFS-Share. But that is no satisfying solution.

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