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Thread: Error: Networkname is no longer available

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    Angry Error: Networkname is no longer available

    Hello together,

    when we copy something to the dss storage in nas smb mode, after a short time we get an error "the network name is no longer avialable" (in German: Der angegeben Netzwerkname ist nicht mehr verfügbar". After that we can´t access the dss any more and have to restart it. After this it works again - once longer, once shorter..."
    Does anybody has teh same Problem and has a resolution for this problem?

    Best regards


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    sounds like a filesystem or drive/raid problem.
    I would check that first.

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    Could be a network card issue.

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    My first shot will be the RAID... Submit the RAID logs, if you have any, to the their support

    Second, Network...Bad connections???

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    Go to your NIC and try changing the Link Speed and Duplex settings to Auto-negotiate 1000. The issue is somehow with the NIC, or it is a driver. If you google this error on the internet, you'll probably find a lot of information from others on it.


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